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C3 Cat & Dog Canister

$ 1,259.00

* Pet Owners
* All Types of Flooring

Many of us have cats and many of us have dogs. Probably even more of us have vacuum cleaners. Like a Venn Diagram, somewhere in the middle of these two overlapping communities is the comfort zone, the sanitary oasis where pet owners are using the Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog to clean up after their furry little friends. With its incredible filtration and hyper-efficient power nozzle, this machine may actually incite jealousy in your home, when the pets start to think you are favoring the vacuum over them. On the contrary, your love for your pets will increase exponentially after adding this machine to your cleaning arsenal, since any bitterness or animosity aimed at your pets’ messes will vanish with the elimination of their hair, dander, and odor. That is why we often refer to pets as a human’s best friend, but the Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog as the pets’ best friend. It’s just that good. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you can upgrade the filter in this model to make it stand as one of the Miele HEPA vacuum cleaners.

Wondering about sound level? That’s OK, we all desire a vacuum that is quiet while operating. Using our handy decibel reader, we measured the dB level on Miele’s Complete C3 Cat & Dog highest and lowest suction setting. At its highest, the sound level of the vacuum motor registers at 67 dB. With the brushroll on, the sound level rises to 68.5 dB. This is equivalent to the sound of your TV audio or radio. At its lowest setting, which is used to clean delicate drapes, the sound level drops to 56 dB. This mirrors a typical conversation or some background music commonly played in an office lobby. Overall, the Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog is incredibly quiet, and you should be able to carry on conversations with loved ones with no trouble at all.

Warranty & Service Plan
4 TUNE UPS ($240 Value)

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