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Triflex HX1 Facelift Graphite Grey

$ 599.00

* All surfaces by using the three different modes

The Miele TriFlex takes on the duties of three different vacuum cleaners. Owning a TriFlex is like having a traditional vacuum, a hand vacuum and an extended reach vacuum all at your fingertips. With this Miele vacuum, you can ditch all the other machines and consolidate down to one compact, powerful vacuum.

This wide range of flexibility means you’ll never need a bag full of vacuum attachments again.

Reach Mode
The longest extension of the Miele TriFlex. In Reach Mode, the machine is poised to cover even trickier areas. In reach mode, the filter canister is on the handle end of the machine, balancing the vacuum and allowing it to effortlessly reach under and around furniture.

Comfort Mode
Comfort Mode is ideal for routine cleaning. In this mode, the filter canister is located further down the machine, keeping the center of gravity lower and making vacuuming a more comfortable experience.

Compact Mode
With Compact Mode, the Miele TriFlex is able to become a handheld vacuum machine. This mode is perfect for spot cleaning small areas, cleaning furniture, or reaching into crevices where a larger vacuum may not fit well.

In Compact Mode, the TriFlex is at its lightest. This handheld version of the Miele TriFlex is easy to carry from room to room and can fit nearly anywhere, all while maintaining the same high level of power that the full machine possesses.

Warranty & Service Plan
2 TUNE UPS ($120 Value)


Miele HomeCare models come with a 5 year parts and labor warranty, this includes the motor.
Miele HomeCare vacuums are exclusive to Miele HomeCare dealers because we can provide personalized attention from a trained Miele expert.

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