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Complete C3 HomeCare Pure Suction Canister

* Low pile carpeting, smooth flooring.

The Complete C3 Pure Suction Homecare is a 6-setting, multi-purpose vacuum cleaner ready to tackle the big messes as well as routine cleaning. It’s lightweight and easily storable, but powerful enough to be a home’s only vacuum cleaner.

Adjust the level of suction to suit your current needs. Scale it down for simple tasks, or ramp it up to make full use of the 1,200–watt Miele-Made Vortex Motor™. The Miele HomeCare vacuum is a powerful canister vacuum built to suck up every speck of dirt in your home with no hassle.

It’s all there in the name. The Complete C3 Pure Suction HomeCare is your one-stop, complete vacuum. It’s built to handle hard and carpeted floors, and excels on the smooth, delicate floorings that other vacuums damage. It’s Type GN FilterBag™ holds 4.76 quarts, letting you get a full spring clean in before it’s time to change the bag.

The Complete C3 Pure Suction Homecare is compatible with four useful attachments that extend its cleaning power to every surface in your home. These integrated tools make the HomeCare ideally suited for cleaning every room in the house.


Miele HomeCare models come with a 5 year parts and labor warranty, this includes the motor.
Miele HomeCare vacuums are exclusive to Miele HomeCare dealers because we can provide personalized attention from a trained Miele expert.

COVID-19 Update

Effective May 29, we will be making changes to mask requirements in our showroom to align with the latest CDC guidelines. If you are fully vaccinated, you will no longer be required to wear a mask in our store, unless you choose to. If you have not been fully vaccinated, please continue to wear a mask for your safety and the safety of those around you.