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CX1 Blizzard Electro Plus Bagless Canister

$ 799.00

* Low to high pile carpeting, smooth flooring.

The Miele Blizzard CX1 Electro+ combines the tried and tested features of their bagged vacuums with the new Vortex technology to make one of the best bagless canister vacuums on the market. This new Mono Cyclone Vortex system generates enormous air flow with a velocity over 100 km/hr while separating coarse dirt into the bin and fine dust into a separate filter container. This high air flow is possible thanks to a new innovative motor with specially designed paddle wheels that generate constant strong airflow.

The dust bin can easily be removed from the vacuum by the handle and with the click of a button emptied into the trash. Equipped with both a HEPA filter and lifetime exhaust filter the Blizzard CX1 captures 99.98% of all the fine dust particles putting less dust back into the air of your home. The exhaust filter on the Miele Blizzard CX1 Electro+ saves on time and money. It is maintenance free and of such high quality that it will last for the life of the vacuum with out needing to be cleaned or replaced. Built in sensor monitor the Gore CleanStream filter. When needed the ConfortClean function cleans the fine dust filter completely in a few seconds and then vacuum is ready for use again.

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